Award of contract CQS RT 2.2

November 24, 2020

Country: Republic of Tajikistan

Project Title: Health Caravan (Republic of Tajikistan)

Name and contract number: Production of information and educational videos CQS RT 2.2

The firm to which the contract was awarded: IE “Bazlova Tatiana Viktorovna”.

Address: RF, 180024, Pskov

Date of contract signing: November 24, 2020.

Selection method: “Selection by qualification”. (“OCC”/CQS)

Contract price: 25 530 USD

Duration of contract execution: 120 calendar days from signing the contract.

Brief description of services: Production of information educational video clips on medical subjects for use in the framework of the project “Health Caravan (Republic of Tajikistan)”. Total number of video clips is 40 units, including 20 in Russian and 20 in Tajik.