May 16, 2022

The Republic of Tajikistan

Mobile diagnostic COVID-19 (the Republic of Tajikistan)

The Republic of Tajikistan has received a Grant from the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development (hereinafter – «EFSD») in the amount of 3 000 000 (Three million) US dollars to finance the Project «Mobile diagnostics COVID-19 (Republic of Tajikistan)» (hereinafter – Project) and intends to use part of the above mentioned Grant to pay for goods and consulting services, which are expected to be purchased under the Project.

The project will include the following components:

Component 1: Acquisition of COVID-19 population diagnostic tests for donation to organizations and/or institutions for non-reimbursable testing purposes of the population

Purchasing of goods:

Purchase of express tests for detection of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus antigen, delivery to the end user

Component 2. Acquisition of five mobile sanitation and epidemiology laboratories (MSELs) for donation to State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Service of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan

Purchasing of goods:

Purchase of 5 mobile sanitary-epidemiological laboratories (MSEL) with biological safety level BSL-3, delivery to the end user

Component 3. Project management: ensuring the functioning of the EMG and audit costs

Purchasing of services:

Procurement of financial statement audit services

Procurement of contracts financed under the Grant will be conducted as specified in the Procurement Policy for projects financed by the EFSD (last updated on November, 2018) and the Procurement Procedures EFSD (last updated on November, 2018) posted on the website of the EFSD (

Specific Procurement Notices for International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures will be announced in the UN Development Business, on official websites of the EFSD, Eurasian Development Bank (which manages the funds of the EFSD), спидинфосвязь.рф/en/main-en,

The request for expressions of interest to participate in tenders for consulting services will be published on the official websites of the EFSD, the Eurasian Development Bank (the manager of the EFSD funds), спидинфосвязь.рф/en/main-en,

The interested tender participants willing to be included in the mailing list for Specific Procurement Notice under the ICB procedures and consultants seeking to receive Requests for Expressions of Interest to bid for consulting service contract, as well as those willing to obtain further information, may contact the address given below.

Foundation for the Prevention and Control of HIV and Other Infectious Diseases «AIDS Infoshare»

Аddress: 117 042 Russian Federation, Moscow, Yuzhnobutovskaya Street, 77, office 350

Contact persons: Stepan Kanakin, Larisa Bazhilina

Phone: +7 (495) 714 66 54, +7 (495) 715-67-88, +7(495)715-70-84

E mail address:

Addresses of the official websites:  Recipient (, EFSD ( and PIU(спидинфосвязь.рф/en/main-en ).