September 14, 2021

Procurement of 2 personal computers and software for them to organize and electronic monitoring system Part 2 of the project 

Project Title: Karavan zdoroviya «Health caravan» in the Republic of Tajikistan

Source of Funding: Grant from Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development to fund Karavan zdoroviya «Health caravan» project in the Republic of Tajikistan

Tender #: SH RT 1.2 

Date: September 14, 2021

Dear Supplier,

1. Foundation for prevention and control of HIV and other infectious diseases AIDS Infoshare invites you to submit your price quotation for the following goods: 2 personal computers and software for them to organize an electronic monitoring system Part 2 of the project (goods description is specified in Appendix 1 to the present ITQ «Equipment specification»).

Place of delivery:

  • the Republic of Tajikistan, Hatlonskaya region, 735 140 town Bohtar, Vahdat street, 2, Regional clinical hospital named after B.Vohidov, Chief doctor Bahodurov Hushnud Faisulloevitch
  • the Republic of Tajikistan, Sogdiiskaya region, 735 700 town Hudjand, 34 microregion, Clinical hospital of Sogdiiskaya region named after S.Kutfiddinov, Chief doctor Muminov Bahadur Abdullaevitch 

1 (one) computer is to be delivered to each address.

The Procurement will be conducted in accordance with «Procurement policy for projects financed by the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development» dated November 2018, the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement of Goods, Works and Non-Consulting Services under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers January 2011, revised July 2014 («Procurement Guidelines»), and is open to all eligible suppliers.

The procurement is conducted by the method of «Shopping». This procurement method is based on comparing price quotations submitted by several Suppliers.

2. You must quote for all the items combined specified in Appendix 1 to the present ITQ «Equipment specification». Price quotations (quotations) will be evaluated for all the items together and Contract will be awarded to the company offering the lowest evaluated total cost of all the items together.

3. Your price quotation must be submitted before 15:00 September 22, 2021 to Foundation for prevention and control of HIV and other infectious diseases AIDS Infoshare (Project Implementation Unit) e-mail address: Price quotation must be stamped and signed by the authorized representative of the Supplier and submitted in scan in Adobe PDF format or signed by the electronic digital signature of the Supplier’s authorized representative. The Supplier may submit the price quotation to the Foundation for prevention and control of HIV and other infectious diseases AIDS Infoshare address: Office 350 ul.Yuzhnobutovskaya 77 Moscow, Russian Federation, 117 042.

4. Your price quotation in Russian or in English languages should be accompanied by adequate technical documentation and catalogue(s) and other printed material or pertinent information for each item quoted.

5. Your price quotation should be submitted as per the following instructions and in accordance with the attached Contract. The attached Terms and Conditions of Supply is an integral part of the Contract.

(i) PRICES: The prices should be quoted in US dollars for the Total, which includes

packaging costs, inland transportation, insurance and other expenses.

The prices should not include VAT, duties and customs.

(ii) EVALUATION OF QUOTATIONS: Price quotations determined to be substantially responsive to the technical specifications as per Appendix 1 to the present ITQ «Equipment specification» will be evaluated by comparison of the total price.

In evaluating of quotations, the Purchaser will determine for each quotation the evaluated price by adjusting the price quotation by making any correction for any arithmetical errors as follows:

  • (a) where there is a discrepancy between amounts in figures and in words, the amount in words will prevail.
  • (b) where is a discrepancy between the unit rate and the line item total resulting from multiplying the unit rate by the quantity, the unit rate as quoted will prevail;

If a Supplier refuses to accept the correction, his quotation will be rejected.

(iii) AWARD OF PURCHASE ORDER/Contract: The award will be made to the bidder offering the lowest evaluated, substantially responsive quotation and that meets the required technical and financial capabilities. The winner will sign a Contract as per attached form of Contract and Terms and Conditions of Supply.

(iv) VALIDITY OF THE OFFER: Your quotation(s) should be valid for a period of forty-five (45) days from the deadline for receipt of quotation(s) indicated in Paragraph 3 of this ITQ.

6. A Supplier requiring any clarification shall contact the Purchaser in writing via Foundation for prevention and control of HIV and other infectious diseases AIDS Infoshare (Project Implementation Unit) e-mail address: The Purchaser will respond in writing to any request for clarification, provided that such request is received 5 (five) days prior to the deadline for submission of quotation. 

Postqualification Requirements

After determining the lowest-evaluated offer, the Purchaser shall carry out the postqualification of the Supplier, using only the specified requirements. Requirements not included in the text below shall not be used in the evaluation of the Supplier’s qualifications.

The Supplier must have:

  • at least 5 contracts executed after January 01, 2018 for the supply of equipment with similar configuration with the cost of each delivery – not less than 90% of the value of the submitted quotation.

To confirm compliance with the above criterion, the Supplier shall provide a list of the Contracts executed on the subject matter of the purchase, including the name of the goods, delivery terms and cost of goods delivered.

In the case of Joint Venture, each Joint Venture member must provide the minimum experience requirement

7. Inspections and Audits 

7.1 The Supplier shall carry out all instructions of the Purchaser which comply with the applicable laws where the destination is located.

7.2 The Supplier shall permit, and shall cause its Subcontractors and consultants to permit, the Eurasian Bank of development (the Bank) and/or persons appointed by the Bank to inspect the Supplier’s offices and all accounts and records relating to the performance of the Contract and the submission of the bid, and to have such accounts and records audited by auditors appointed by the Bank if requested by the Bank. The Supplier’s and its Subcontractors and consultants’ attention is drawn to Clause 5 Fraud and Corruption of the Form of Contract, which provides, inter alia, that acts intended to materially impede the exercise of the Bank’s inspection and audit rights constitute a prohibited practice subject to contract termination (as well as to a determination of ineligibility pursuant to the Bank’s prevailing sanctions procedures).